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Taking Inventory on our Dreams

by Million Dreams in Campaign Updates

Is there a way to supercharge your Dream Manifestation process?

Yes! Here are 5 pearls of wisdom to making your dreams come true. Watch this video now.



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32 responses to Taking Inventory on our Dreams

  1. Dear Marcia,

    What works for me is speaking out loudly what l have committed to do until l believe it. My motto is ‘confession is possession’. By speaking it loudly to myself especialliy when am driving or in a room on my own.

    The second one is speaking it out to a close cofidenat-my prayer partner who gives me honest feedback on my issues.

    Begin to act out in preparatin, for instance if my dream is to change the colour of the paint in the house then l would begin to buy the matching decorations so that eventually that will push me to change the paint soooner than later.

    • Fabulous!
      Yes, taking actions on our dreams is important.
      Good for you!

  2. joss Umu said: Reply

    My dream is to show the world about my documentary but I dont have money to travel and go to show the world how I survived and left behind to help the children who sufered on wars like me

    • Kari said: Reply

      I wonder if, since you may not be able to travel, if you may be able to use the internet so your documentary can travel the world. Hand to hand, via the internet. I hope you get to share.

  3. Hi Marcia
    Thanks for the reminder to break the dream down.I want to teach others how to attract more peace, joy and contentment into their lives. It feels like a huge undertaking. I’m in the process of getting to know the people I can serve asking questions and getting feedback. Other things I need to do is create a website and produce a series of meditation cds.So I will break all the tasks down and give myself managable WOWs so I don’t get bogged down.The most important thing to me is to stay present as I move towards my dream to stay in a place of peace and joy myself so that I’m teaching from a place of authenticity ,its a balancing act and your support and input are very helpful.

  4. Raising my vibration through varied techniques to access my most powerful self, before activities.
    Master minding weekly with a prayer partner
    Being more disciplined and focused about prioritizing all my different roles and daily activities.

  5. Marcia K said: Reply

    Hello Marcia,
    I’m actually making progress on a dream to write a children’s book. It’s been in my head for over 10 years. I’ve found that putting it into small steps – w the help of an excellent coach – the process has many more steps than I would have ever thought of on my own. These small steps make all the difference from ‘in my head’ to reality. :)

    • Hello Marcia K. Congratulations on making progress on a dream that’s been calling to you for a long time! Great strategy to use a coach. I have worked with a published Children’s Book author that helps people with their writing and advice on how to get published. You may not be looking for that support, but just thought I would mention it. Her name is Esther Hirshenhorn.

    • I agree, an excellent coach makes all the difference. With Master Coach Lynn Hargis and Marcia holding me accountable and encouraging me, many of my dreams have already manifested….with many more in the process! Thank you Dream University!!!!!! The 10 step process REALLY works!

  6. thanks for the reminder to put the dreams out there

  7. katc said: Reply

    Congratulations on losing 10 pounds Marcia!! You are an inspiration to so many. One of my dreams was to reach my goal weight in 10 weeks. So far I have lost 7.8 lbs. WooHoo. I know by spring I will definitely be at my ‘dream’ weight. Many thanks for helping us devise a life long plan to make our dreams come true.

  8. Kisuk kyukyit Kanana-
    Congrats on your fitness and weight achievement. I really enjoy the program and participated in the team coaching session for the first time. The interaction was quite stimulating as I’ve been seeking likeminded people to talk to. The course exercises have really framed up my big dreams. I was thrilled to accomplish one just yesterday.
    Alas, my reality requires daily chores and one major dream demands full attention on a regular basis but I now know that it’s all doable. Marcia, doing the exercises and journaling has allowed me to step into a whole new world. I am absolutely enthralled with my dream! This is a life changing journey for me during my change of life I must add- just kidding.

    My new CORE belief is: I will ALWAYS succeed through inspired action!
    I’ve sent Michael my home work and I’m willing to share anything with you and rest of the dreamers as requested.

    Thank you for this great opportunity to step into the light as you lead us along the path to self discovery and REAL empowerment. I am giddy with anticipation and have begun to believe again.

    Stay well my sister. Taxas.

    Velda AKA Lisat

    • I love your enthusiasm, Velda. It’s infectious. You inspired me with your energy.

  9. You look Great Marcia! Well, it took me two years, rather than one to get free of previous responsibilities that were taking my time…but, I did it! “Clear the decks” you said. So now, I moving forward with my Dream to be a Dream Group Coach. I just finnished session two of my first group! Yeah!!!

    • Congratulations! Enjoyed your “Clear the decks” comment. Sometimes it does take a while to really get them clear!

  10. i want to be a Coach.. help people to perform better.

  11. Mare said: Reply

    Dear Marcia – You are an inspiration – thank you for sharing your strategies on how I can make my dreams a reality!!!

  12. Dear Marcia,

    I think there is some power in not just dreaming but dreaming it honestly, for me what I have found is that what I have wanted truly has happened, so I just want to know how to know what I want, as there are many times when there is a conflict in my mind between possible and may be not possible to impossible. I have seen the documentary The SECRET, and that has greatly inspired me and I have tried to do to other people too, but still I find I can do better.

    But yes I truly agree to you that if you dream it you have it, no matter how big or small the thing is.

    Moni S Sengupta

  13. jayaram said: Reply

    its good and inspiring

  14. Sankar R said: Reply

    You look gorgeous Marcia!

    Keep it up!!

    It is great idea to register one million dreams and get connected to others who have similar or unique dreams!!!

    It made me to think what should be my dream for short (1year) and long term!!!!

    Thank you.

  15. Staying fit is my dream, have been planning to act on for quite some time now..

  16. I believe it is important to have a dream, this is what keeps us going, something to focus on. somethinng to look forward to. and your right many times we get caught up in our daily routines that we forget about dreaming and how important it is. thank you for reminding me.

  17. Three things I can do to kick my dreams into high gear are:
    1) to make sure my WOWs are action steps, rather than practices (something that can actually be completed, rather than something that’s on-going);
    2) to make a separate dream out of things I considered to be projects on the way to a dream (such as creating a brochure or speaker sheet); and
    3) to recommit to each of my dreams, and work on them EVERY SINGLE DAY!

    • Thank you for the clarity of your #1. I have noticed when the WOWs are action steps, it is easier for me to know when they are done. When they are practices and on-going, I can’t check them off. So if I have a new practice I will formulate it as an action step and then it wiil work as a WOW for me. Thanks for clearing that up. I was fuzzy on that distinction. Love your #2 also. I have several projects.

  18. It is awesome to hear Marcia speak, so inspiring I want to complete my first novel this year and have it published

  19. Hi Marcia. Great job on losing 10 pounds, inspiring us all on a regular basis and …. drum roll, please….on OVER 5,000 DREAMS REGISTERED!!! Woo hoo!

    Three of the things that help me supercharge my process are:

    1. Imagining the results, with emotion, (really SEE the vision) daily. The pictures in my own head inspire me to make it real.

    2. Talking to people (who believe in me) about my dreams. I can tell I’m really energized when I start talking way too fast and feel like I’m hyperventilating. (-:

    3. Doing my best to make it a FUN process.

    Bonus answer:
    The Milliion Dreams Campaign and your webinar are really helping me stay supercharged.

    Love ‘ya,

    • Love your #1! Imagining the results with emotion! Seeing the vision is also important for me. It helps me make it more real and to begin with the end in mind. We have #2 in common…as we both know! And, of course, it’s easier when it is fun! So we are 3 for 3….Imagine that?

  20. deankane said: Reply

    I have just purchased my first house, a duplex and getting to my dream by watching your program it has been inspiring. Thank you

  21. Missy said: Reply

    I heard you first on the Aware Show and bought your package. I attacked it hard for a few weeks and then relaxed. Because I have more than one dream, I began to focus on one more than the other. I am working on finding an agent and having my breast cancer memoir published. So far my good friend, without knowing she was on my team gave me a big push to get this thing moving. I will now attest to the importance of having a team and making your dream public. It’s hard to go back when you put it out there. I have sent out queries, I am re-working and revising again and I plan to have success before 2013 arrives. So there!

  22. Hi Marcia,

    Thank you for the Million Dreams Campaign, through this I found the enthusiasm to share my dream with the world! also I am sharing this campaign with my friends!

  23. I never forgot my big dream, but when the “executive” part of your brain (the part that prioritizes, sequences, and keeps you on track) doesn’t work well, energy tends to get scattered. My life, however, kept throwing circumstances at me which called my big dream back to the forefront. My greatest challenge is not INVENTORY of dreams, it’s choosing which ones are most beneficial to focus on at any particular moment!

  24. Thanks Marsha

    The pay off debt dream is very hard as small business owner: I continue to reach out to new possiblities and ideas daily: thanks for your inspiration:

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