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Dreams vs. Fantasy

by Million Dreams in Campaign Updates

There is a critical difference between a Dream and a Fantasy. Do you know what it is? It can mean the difference between a fulfilling life, and just getting by with a positive outlook — Watch this important message.




  1. Was there a time in your life when you shared an important Dream with someone and it helped you stay the course? Please share it in the blog below - it will inspire others.
  2. Are you ready to turn a fantasy into a DREAM? Take the leap - register your dream on the form below. An entire community of dreamers awaits you and is ready to support you!
    ...You never know, Miracles may happen! Take the leap of faith!


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66 responses to Dreams vs. Fantasy

  1. My Dream is to become a HAPPY successful actress.

  2. Trish said: Reply

    My dream is to co-create a team of individuals who believe in the Golden Rule and who believe in giving of themselves to help others move forward with their life towards better health, wealth and happiness!

  3. Trish said: Reply

    PS Thank you – saw you speak at convention in 2010 and you truly did make a difference in helping me take a step forward to changing my life!!

  4. Thank you Marcia I love your vids!
    When I was 30 I had a dream of touring Europe
    by age 40. I came true when I toured Europe
    at age 38 & released a new CD that year!

    I’m 55 & my new crazy dream is to have
    5 Grammy’s or the equivalent by age 60~
    I know that sounds nuts ~ I have already taken
    steps in that direction with tapping the Hollywood
    market via playing for the the Expo twice & making connections
    more each time…hope I can invite you to
    the red carpet in 5 years!!! Love ya!!! Susan

  5. my dream is to move to Los Angeles and show my art work in a leading gallery in LA or NYC.

  6. Sheira said: Reply

    Hey Marcia and all you other dreamers!
    Thanks for all of your inspiration. It really does make a difference! I’m really psyched because I’m launching a music-based empowerment seminar for pre-teen and teenage girls called “MOTIV8: 8 Ways To ROCK Your Own World”! I’m a professional songwriter and although I’ve done programs for really young kids, this is my first foray into the exciting world of teenage girls (wish me luck!!). I just booked my first gig at my local library – I’m thrilled and petrified at the same time! I know this is how I was meant to serve — music and kids are my life (especially my own kids!) and I hope they’re inspired by seeing me go for my next big dream! Lots of obstacles to overcome but I know I’m making it happen!
    Have a great day!
    P.S. Marcia: you know my cousin Eric Haft — he was lucky enough to win a scholarship to one of your seminars (I believe last year) and it was videotaped ; I almost fell off my chair while watching it online because I had no idea he was in the audience! He speaks VERY highly of you which is why I’m a part of your million dream campaign! Thank you again!

    • cthaik said: Reply

      I have a company Would you like to consider composing a song for me I posted a dream on Facebook last week that I want to become a public speaker transforming people’s health and start a nonprofit organization to get education into the school districts to deal with childhood obesity. Since posting that dream I have landed a weekly hour radio show and made contact with charter school to start a pilot program. I need a theme song you may contact me thru

  7. armindo said: Reply

    Good deal Marcia!!!!
    I have dream: make myself and my community whole independent .

  8. I’m 51, have always had a dream of traveling
    And helping people while traveling, something like doctors without borders
    But I have no real vision of how it would work.
    I’m now trying to focus on how it would look like….

  9. edibri said: Reply

    I am working to create a successful workshop with my potential partner in the film business, for creative people who want to make a living pursuing their artistic vision.

    I am also designing a workshop for conscious couples, utilizing all the expressive arts therapeutic modalities I have learned over the years.

  10. Thank you, Marcia, for a great post, and I LOVE your jacket! Sharing my dreams with others has done wonders for me, which is why I love being active in this campaign and have posted 10 dreams. It’s was a dream of mine to own a motorcycle. Talking to people who rode, hearing their enthusiasm and seeing it as a reality for others made it seem more possible for me. At the age of 51, I got my first bike (900cc) and love riding. Sharing it with people who will support me, not talk me out of my dreams, is really important, which is why the groups on this site are so helpful.

  11. Susan said: Reply

    I dream of leading walking and lifestyle tours in South America to share the incredible vibrancy, freedoms and sense of hope and enthusiasm for the future that we had here in North America in ht 70’s and 80′. I have to find a way to liquidate our rental property portfolio in a flat market and know I must “raise my vibration” to accomplish that so I can move fully into my dream. I need some glue remover!!

  12. Lisat said: Reply

    It’s true Marcia- I’ve even have a vision board for my dreams. For the past few years, I began to inquire with contractors and people who have built homes about the building process. I began to tell people that I would soon build a new home and then everyone became so supportive and wanted to help me get it done. Now, I’m in the process of building and I haven’t secured a construction loan yet. For some reason, the banks aren’t that keen on dreams. Lol. Everytime I talk about my new dreams, especially the big one I have posted I almost cry. I want it so bad and really look forward to honing it up so it makes sense to people who will be willing to support me. Thank you for this lifechanging opportunity to up my game and realize my life’s purpose.

  13. How exciting to share this story because yes, I shared a big dream with someone that I didn’t even know in person, we met through Facebook and she became a rock and mentor to me. I told her of my dream to open my own coffee shop and for it to be a place where people would come and share their dreams, follow their dreams, read the inspirational quotes on the Get Inspired wall and have one affect and inspired them in a way they never knew was possible. I told her about my dream in February of 2010 and that I wanted to open it by Sept 2010 – with her support, belief in me and my belief that anything is possible if I want it bad enough, I opened The Coffee Grove on Sept. 15, 2010 – Hooray! And I actually just sold it and am about to accomplish my greatest dream and adventure of my life – Hooray!

  14. I took a leap and opened my own healing center call Journey Within in Denver, CO. I am very fortunate to have a wonderful group people who support my dream(s) to create a safe place for people to change their lives with ease and grace through meditation, energy healings, Angel messages and intuitive readings/healings.

    • I have friends in Denver who would be interested in your healing center. I’ll send them your way.

  15. This is my dream:
    “One million of SELF-CONFINDENT & HAPPY KIDS (and families) around the world.” I want to put The Three Powers book into the hands of every child all over the world and teach them the magic to love themselves and how to use their own powers to make good friends and be happy.

    And YES, I know I AM a BEST SELLING author (soon)…

    • I am interested in learning more about your three powers books. Do you have a website? Thanks

  16. My Dream is to launch Mary Hartmann Designs to the entire World! I am called to bring my Spiritual designs with a message to the world. My designs are inspired to Help bring Love, Healing, Personal Develpment and Transformation to all those who wear my inspirational Jewlery-Sacred Art.

  17. Neha said: Reply

    My dream is to have a job paying 600$ daily in Melbourne.

  18. When I joined a Toastmaster Club, I shared my speaking dream. I want businesses that help, develop, and serve others to follow their dream, vision. I need to be more active, and more transparent to my club members. I never told a lot of people because they might laugh, or the common quote, oh you will never do that. Your black, stick to you job. Just breaking that negative voice. I am trying to get out of my own way. Thank you for your work. It has really inspired me to do more in my life. Thank you again, and GOD Bless.

  19. Em B. said: Reply

    My speech clears up so that ii is always easily understood.

  20. So true to talk about your dreams!!!
    I have many dreams! First one is to own a rescue ranch for Border Collies and other herding dogs. Second, is to finish my pilates teaching hours so I can take the exam to become certified in both mat & reformer STOTT Pilates. Third, is to go with Harvest Church (Pastor Greg Laurie) on the trip to Israel.

  21. Janet said: Reply

    To support parents in the difficult role of parenting.

  22. I have shared my dream with my maid,,(who comes in to do the daily cooking) hoping she will help me in my venture.

  23. More than all my desires to work for the necessary global change as philosopher writer artist healer taichi-trainer speaker I want to come together with the one and only I can share my life and work.

  24. The power of sharing a dream – as a little girl pretending to act & be on stage speaking to others, changing the world. Unwittingly I took many steps in this direction, eventually giving up the dream until last year. I announced to my close circle that I want to learn to be a better speaker & went to Marica’s ‘Inspiring Speaker Workshop’. It hasn’t stopped since then. Journaling my dreams, fearfully sharing them when I speak and now posting really big dreams has opened a floodgate. Planning a live event and the entire message of ‘5 Life Changing Challenges’ and sharing it with ‘Teatime Stories’ is happening! Globally! And a new website: http// All because I’m sharing – it changes dreams into action.

  25. Lea said: Reply

    I want to become a Life Guide, Spiritual Teacher and Healer and I will!!!!

    My biggest challenge right now is that I have 3 seminars I would like to attend to get to my Dream and 3 others to heal and grow myself but my actual money issues keep me off. I do not want to waste more time to spend in a normal job which I do not even like, I want to get started as I am ready and open to serve and change the world. Then realitiy kicks in and bills and expenses are hardly paid and the job is coming to an end and I would need even to move country to supply me with a job which pays my bills. Doing this brings me more and more away from my Dream.
    I so think, believe and have a deep feeling that there must be other possiblities out there to achieve my dream and follow my passion.

  26. My dream is To start my business and to be able to work from home, and be eventually earning a six figure income.

  27. ezeena said: Reply

    Zee’s (virtual) Cafe Cafe – online spoken word, music and idea emporium. Something different every virtual night. Home of Zee, everywoman of our time, friends, and many others. Check out the beginning at

  28. Successful Self-Employment this year (notice the first word is successful!)

  29. cthaik said: Reply

    Revitalize Ur Health Foundation

  30. Start a Non-Profit Organization for battered women

  31. My dream is to create a Non-profit, designed to help battered women’s shelters. I believe that setting upa kiosk in the form of 10 to 15 computers in the shelters and teaching them how to become affiliate marketers online that it would give them hope and teach them the skills that would allow them to become self sufficient and possibly even business owners. As a speaker and author I expect to accomplish this dream within a 12 to 18 month window.Started Jan,1st 2012.

  32. cthaik said: Reply

    I have a company Since posted a dream on Facebook last week that I want to become a public speaker transforming people’s health and start a nonprofit organization to get education into the school districts to deal with childhood obesity. Since posting that dream I have landed a weekly hour radio show and made contact with charter school to start a pilot program. Would love to hear from educators, nutritionist, or parents who might want to get involved in my dream.

  33. Thank you for dream university! I accomplished one of my hugest dreams at the age of 52 in 2004 when I opened a music school! However going on the web site for dream university found 10 more dreams! My biggest now is to see that string programs are accessible to all children in my geographic area. So many children never get the opportunity to play string instruments because they are no longer a part of a typical music program. For me getting an opportunity in a public school to play a violin at a low cost changed my life and opened my eyes to the pittance of an education that includes music and culture.

  34. mrr14 said: Reply

    find my perfect everlasting love

  35. For my husband and I to live and work where our family lives in Australia and UK (ie live in both countries; by the beach in Australia and in London) while working and supporting people/teams to make transformational change by being an author, speaker, facilitator, coach and artist!

  36. For my art to create an abundant source of income that consistantly provides for my family

  37. mayuri said: Reply

    Founding a biomedical engineering company that makes affordable replacements for missing parts of the face

  38. My dream is to help others grow in business. They do not have to work for a boss but for themselves earning money to pay off a bill or have a new dress or travel. I want to grow my downline. I want to help these people
    know they can do it and start growing their downline.

    Judy Cook

  39. I have a program in which people can improve their literacy–basic, technical and social emotional–while I travel the world working and having fun with my international teams of distributors for Send Out Cards and Talk Fusion.

  40. To fund my foundation for poor and homeless children and abandoned, neglected horses.

  41. fredward said: Reply

    I will be 83 years old on Earth Day (4-22-2012). My dream is to heal from illness (recover and prosper), earn money past Social Security ($5,000 per month or more) by teaching prosperity to people 70 years of age and older as a Personal Coach.

  42. My dream is to be a captivating stunning vocalist.

  43. cab71 said: Reply

    Own my own business being a motivational speaker

  44. A little depress that things are not going my way. Been meditating and tapping. But all I am getting now is attacks & negativity. Want to just go away and hide. But being stubborn, I am continuing to take the abuse from people I work with. Don’t do well with posting-busy schedule. Hoping this process will help get out of the rut. I would anything a try once. Trying to find the help. Hope this is it.

    • Oh my God, just read my posting. How bad is that. I do have dreams. I love learning and want to move forward with my CPA degree. Looking forward to having financial freedom. At 55 looking for spiritual peace. I’m constantly on the go with no rest. Need not to take live so serious. So another one of my dreams is to learn to relax, enjoy life, and be happy.

  45. pashan said: Reply

    My dream is to go and attend Inner Awakening at Bidadi in India Dec. 12 2012 with Paramahamsa Nithyananda

  46. yes yes yes i m Happy & Greatful always

  47. To create something great that people enjoy.

  48. ockna said: Reply

    To buy a beautiful little property which has a mineral water botteling plant, lots of fruit trees and export protea flowers

  49. natalya said: Reply

    go on vacation to south korea with my future husband in may 2012

  50. ruby51 said: Reply

    My Dream is to give myself a healthy vibrant body and a beautiful silhouette

  51. pameloo said: Reply

    to sell apt buy my dream house in CT

  52. angels said: Reply

    Best Selling Writer who helps the world be better!

  53. anna63 said: Reply

    obtain 3 recruits

  54. cheryl said: Reply

    to become a successful voice over talent

  55. Production of the animated symph-rock-tronic opera, The Microcosmic Cartoon Show”.

  56. Hi Marcia,
    I’ve been sharing a dream for over 10 years. Last spring I met a woman who was able to fill in the missing pieces for me. I would never have been introduced to her if another friend had not known both my desires and my challenges. Upon meeting this woman, she told us both we had to meet. We are now almost a full year into a partnership to bring my “Thrive With Autism” workshop series public. She covers the logistical end (which I am off-the-charts challenged by), and I cover the materials, hand-outs, and presentations. I feel so blessed.

  57. This week’s homework: My Dream Coach Successes- Worksheet 34
    1) Completed major incompletes- 3 years of accounting and personal and corporate taxes.
    2) Made MY work a priority of other peoples demands.
    3) Visualized and scripted my dreams in detail.
    4) Said “NO MORE” and became more focused on important matters and projects.
    5) Framed up otherwise obscure thoughts and ideas.
    6) Continuously researched pertinent subjects to further my dream.
    7) Shared my big dream with people who listened.
    8) Stayed on course with daily practices and routines.
    9) Incorporated personal practices into daily routines.
    10) Reached out for help and helped and cheered on others.
    11) Became a WOW completer addict.
    12) Cut my losses with inadequate services and contacts.
    13) Identified resources and contacts for my dream team.
    14) Realized I need to begin with conducting a strategic plan.
    15) Achieved 5 short term goals.
    16) Learned how sweet it is to overcome procrastination.
    17) Acknowledged fears and the doubter and kept on rockin it!
    18) Accessed partial funding to build my dream home.
    19) Cleaned, organized and purged business files.
    20) Inspired family members to get motivated on their dreams.

    I will celebrate my success of completing the MYDCT program and embarking on my lifes purpose on April 11, 2012.

    Armed with Weider Feeder Fuel- Nothing seems insurmountable!

    Love ya Marcia.

  58. My dream is to teach women of all ages anti-ageing techniques that are easily incorporated into everyday life!

  59. billionaire

  60. am a female with a big adam’s apple protruding on my neck that really makes people look at me differently and talk a lot about me. I have to stay covered to hide it, because socializing is difficult for me when all people have to look at is the adam’s apple on my neck.

    My dream is to make enough money to pay for a surgery and remove it and become a free person, for life!!!

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