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Marcia Interviews Jack Canfield

by Million Dreams in Campaign Updates

Jack Canfield – Tips for Making Your Dreams Come True?

How to get into the – Whatever it Takes Zone. Watch this video to see how a school teacher turned his life around.



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20 responses to Marcia Interviews Jack Canfield

  1. What did you think about my interview with Jack? Feel free to leave a comment here…and be sure to Register Your Dream(s)

  2. Great job, Marcia. When you and Jack spoke about doing a Joy Review to find identify what lights you up, I felt very inspired. The interview offered helpful, practical information that I can put to use right away.

  3. Marcia, I truly appreciate you & Jack. Your message needs to be shouted from the roof tops! I believe 2012 is a year of major transformation. Yes, do what really LIGHTS UP YOUR LIFE if you are going to live your most passionate authentic & juicy life!

  4. You both always inspire me! My dream is huge and listening to you feeds it. Thank you!

  5. Thanks for this inspiring interview, Marcia you and Jack surely light me up even more I am shining brighter!! YEH!! I am committed to sharing this amazing work and the Million Dreams campaign with everyone I encounter.

  6. There is a wonderful gentleness, yet strength that you both have that reminds us all that we are human BEings first and that when we move from our divine being purpose, our doing is powerful. I have been facilitating others to “know thyself” and dream from there for some time now. Our young people are amazing, however many of them believe what they are seeing to be their
    REAL-ity, and as you both have set forth, in living our dreams, manifesting more clearly with passion, joy, and excitement, we also are bringing
    the brilliant light of transformation to all. The youth just need our reminder of how magnificent they are and how powerfully they can create.

    • I felt so blessed to see and hear successful people who shared their success story. Thank you MARCIA AND JACK .

  7. beatrice said: Reply

    “When your vocation feels like a vacation you really have arrived.”
    Thank YOU! This is what I needed to be reminded of. This will lead me out of my burned-out tracks of being a long-time healer and energy coach. I’ll go look for new area of vocation/vacation, hopefully finding the new dream of my life. Keep fingers crossed – please!
    Wishing you all a life on vacation!
    Beatrice Gabriel – Switzerland

  8. I am so greatful and excited to see both jack and you coming out with this amazing video on how to believe in our dreams. I am very humbled by your work and sincere thoughts of leaving a Legasy to inspire others like me in another part of the world. Marcia, i will always be greatful to you and Jack for lighting up the light in me. I am also greatful to god for people like, Les Brown, John Kanary, Bob proctor, Charlie Tremendous Jones, Dr Norman Vincent Peel, Brain Tracy, Jim Rohn, Anthony Robbins, Dr Robert Shuler, Mother Theresa, Pope John Paul, and last but not least my school teachers, and my Mother for having taught me to believe in my dreams!
    Thank you marcia, and thank you very much Mr Jack Canfield for all your News Letters that you email me!

    Warmest Regards

    Francis Boy -Kuala Lumpur

  9. He forgot to mention that there will be a LOT of pain , specially because you’ll need to do many things that you don’t like and you’ll need to make MANY sacrifices

  10. This is fantastic Marcia. I really appreciate you posting this. Speaks volumes on where many of us are in our lives. I know for me personally as well. So inspiring!!

  11. ~Marcia and Jack~What a fabulous Dream Team!

    i especially enjoyed listening to Jack talk about the Joy Review. I like the simplicity of the Joy Review and I will mention it to a Dream Coach® client tomorrow. Thank you!

  12. Thank you for sharing, wonderful advice!

  13. To become an inspirational Children’s book author and to bring my character’s to animated film…. Love the interview with Jack! Always inspired with what he has to say:) Thank you for sharing Marcia! Happy Valentines Day to you all~

  14. lihui said: Reply

    Do not understand how the dream become a reality, please tell me, thank you!

  15. Mary said: Reply

    What does one do when they don’t have a dream? When everything seems so overwhelming that you don’t believe there’s any hope of climbing out and that success is only for someone else…..not me.
    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not going around with a chip on my shoulder or a glum look on my face. I just believe I’m being realistic. You know in this world, not everyone succeeds or overcomes.
    Having said all this, I admire you and Jack for your undying courage to keep believing in yourself and what you can accomplish. I just wish I could reach that level of joy or had the burning desire to find a dream.

    • I hear this alot. You sound like you’re in need of a new dream. Start small. Focus on something that you want that you can easily accomplish..and then do it again.Your “dreamer” may need a little healing or encouragement.

      Small dreams could include…a walk in nature, lunch w a friend, quiet time tonight for yourself. Be sure to register your dream on this site and then check off that you accomplished it.

  16. To be a Personal Banker

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