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Welcome to the Dreamer’s Mindset

by Million Dreams in Campaign Updates

What's the difference between having a Dream and living a Dreamer’s Lifestyle?


This important video shows you how to place your Dreams “Center Stage” in Your Life. Watch this now:


  • Enter the Dreamer's mindset - Live every day on purpose
  • Plan your day so your Dreams are not "an extra"
  • Ensure that 80% (or more) of your day is devoted to making your Dreams come true.

Live the Dreamer’s Life
— Register Your 10 Dreams Today —


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35 responses to Welcome to the Dreamer’s Mindset

  1. Cali said: Reply

    Thanks Marcia….registered my dreams about two months ago and making soooo much progress. Knocking off the WOWs and creating new ones that I KNOW will lead me to fulfilling ALL of my dreams. So great to receive encouragement and support from fellow dreamers. Thanks so much for your continued guidance and support.

  2. I’m up for the challenge. Started on a new path last year, and have seen personal and spiritual transformation (persistent if not perpetual effort to maintain) and my next transformation is going to be financial. Will post the dreams shortly.

  3. thanks this process is supporting me to keep active on the goals large and small that I want to accomplish in life.

  4. I loved your video as it was more energy received today to pursue my dreams – I’d love to get these emails from you EVERYDAY!

  5. lubos said: Reply

    Thank you Marcia,
    One of my big dreams is to live happy and creative life.
    Without politicians that creates only chaos.
    All we need is to have our loved ones.

  6. Akrem said: Reply

    Thx Marcia !
    Actually I wanna focus on one dream because if this dream will happen I’m sure all other dreams will happen too because this is related to my future job and private life. I wanna just focus on going to USA to apply for a master degree. It’s only about getting my Green card to USA and I will be a happy man.
    I really feel now that there is someone who is taking care of my dream and I like that :)
    Thx alot and I wish u could help me achieve it.

  7. Thank you, Marcia!

    Your message was extremely helpful. I thought it would be more prudent to successfully complete one dream and then move onto another. -:)

    However, you have given me ‘food for thought’. I will review the ten options, mentioned in your video, and begin exploring new opportunities!

  8. This is powerful and amazing – I promise.. It is all happening!

  9. kabam said: Reply

    Thanks for the gentle kick in the pants… I am going to go in and add more dreams. I believe having multiple dreams can be the catalyst to achieving your ONE big dream, as it can help you gain momentum.



  10. I am so ready to Fly!

  11. Thank you for this thoughtful gesture. It had a positive effect on me. I felt valued, supported, liked, encouraged, motivated and validated. I feel I’m dealing with kind and sincere people. Even evidence that such people are around and in large numbers makes me feel relaxed and interested in myself, others and the world. I feel empowered. I feel grateful. I feel happy.♥

  12. Thanks Marcia! I so appreciate your encouragement. I found it a bit scary posting my dreams and I am trusting what you say about being the first step I having my dreams come true.

  13. Hi Marcia,

    I have already registered my dreams and have completed a few ‘wows’. It is hard to keep motivated sometimes but then I remind myself to be patient and it will all come through soon.

    Thanks for creating this website Marcia. It is wonderful.

    Thanks you.

  14. Thanks Marcia. I was already beginning to feel discouraged, but your video and email came at just the right time! I am going to register a few more dreams and remember to believe in them so they SOAR!

  15. Thanks Marcia — Have been very focused on accomplishing my dreams. Appreciate your encouragement. Making dreams public ignites the Part of my Psyche that is determined — in a good way!!

  16. Greta said: Reply

    Somehow this world is working in a magical way that things are coming togerher.This morning I had realy strong idea about my dream.Than of cours is great support and uplifting whent you come and say I support you do that.Somethimes we want that from our friend,family but it come for Univers for people that we think we are not related bloddline-or we even didt meet jet in this life but Truth is we are related,coming from the same source and wanting to be in that Hight Place where we could Maninfest The Dream and live that Life Purpose.

    Thank you marcia for reminding me about that every time I see You.

  17. awesome

  18. Thanks Marcia, I love the support of this university. i am excited and gratefuf for the opportunity.

  19. jenafa said: Reply

    Thanks Marcia. It’s an amazing thing you have created!

  20. Trish said: Reply

    Hi Marcia, I actually first heard you speak at a convention I attended in San Diego in August 2010 – you amazed me then that you are living your dream life, and you continue to amaze me that you are willing to put yourself out there to make a difference in the lives of others. You have inspired me to be authentic and to live the life I am meant to live…..if that means that others think that I am crazy, then so be it! I am no longer living someone else’s life, I am living my life. I do not always have time to watch or read all of your e-mails, but just wanted to Thank You for all you do for us dreamers who believe that one person can make a difference! Hugs,

  21. Lisa said: Reply

    Thanks Marcia. I have loved the course so far and am looking forward to next week’s final session. It’s scary putting yourself out there but will trust you that it’s all worth while.

  22. Thanks so much for leaving your commnets about our Dream Come True webcast series. Yes, I really do read and very much value them and YOU!

  23. This week’s homework: My Dream Coach Successes- Worksheet 34
    1) Completed major incompletes- 3 years of accounting and personal and corporate taxes.
    2) Made MY work a priority of other peoples demands.
    3) Visualized and scripted my dreams in detail.
    4) Said “NO MORE” and became more focused on important matters and projects.
    5) Framed up otherwise obscure thoughts and ideas.
    6) Continuously researched pertinent subjects to further my dream.
    7) Shared my big dream with people who listened.
    8) Stayed on course with daily practices and routines.
    9) Incorporated personal practices into daily routines.
    10) Reached out for help and helped and cheered on others.
    11) Became a WOW completer addict.
    12) Cut my losses with inadequate services and contacts.
    13) Identified resources and contacts for my dream team.
    14) Realized I need to begin with conducting a strategic plan.
    15) Achieved 5 short term goals.
    16) Learned how sweet it is to overcome procrastination.
    17) Acknowledged fears and the doubter and kept on rockin it!
    18) Accessed partial funding to build my dream home.
    19) Cleaned, organized and purged business files.
    20) Inspired family members to get motivated on their dreams.

    I will celebrate my success of completing the MYDCT program and embarking on my lifes purpose on April 11, 2012.

    Armed with Weider Feeder Fuel- Nothing seems insurmountable!

    Love ya Marcia.

  24. Testimonial – This is the best course I have taken. Marcia is an expert, she loves her community and shares with all her heart. She is open, authentic, inspiring and truly cares. I am grateful for the tremendous value I received and recommend her whole heartedly.

    Thanks Marcia.

  25. sisses said: Reply

    this 10 week program gave me the courage to admit that my previous ‘dream job’ had led me down a path of living out of integrity. Acceptance and surrender to the Dream U process guided me through the month long exit & secession plan I put in place to release me from that negativity. I feel relieved and excited everyday now. I have no fear about the future. I am not sad about the dream that was accomplished and took a turn towards negativity. Hindsight shows me I might have made a different choice, to end that dream before it went south. If only I had known what you have taught me then!

    I have started my own business which includes bringing education and awareness to the public about domestic violence (DV).

    Monday, l received an offer to develop & deliver not 1, but 2! workshops for a statewide conference offered by an anti-DV state coalition in Florida! All expenses paid plus salary! this opportunity meets my dreams in multiple ways. I am getting paid to do what I love to do, I get to travel, I will re-connect with friends & business contacts and meet new people & make some new friends & contacts, I will spend time in a sunny climate, this work will be the beginning of a chapter of current work & expertise gained and shared, and…..did I mention… I get paid!

    The weekly encouragement, and tools of this webinar series, gave me best practices for new skills and confidence in myself. I am not walking, but running towards my current and future dreams! I am living with integrity again, inspiring others to live violence free, with joy and out loud!

    thanks for the dreams,

    Debra K. Adams, MA
    Self Empowerment Strategies, founder/owner

    PS. I have 2 different sign-in names in the community
    adamsdebra and sisses

  26. Marcia, thank you. I cried watching this video because I’ve been trying to force myself to just work on one dream because that’s what “everybody” says is the key to success. It’s been difficult because I have many dreams and talents that are competing for first place in my life. I’m very excited about just “getting it out” of my head into such a warm and supportive place. Thank you for living your dream, once again you’re helping me live mine. Marlene Dillon

  27. I so feel you in this post! I appreciate these post and miss you. It is amazing how well you have perfected staying connected. Thank you and you do look wonderful!! Much love and success to you and all of the community! I am so thankful to a part of this! Donna

  28. Julia M said: Reply

    I thought this website was set up the opposite way: where people would offer suggestions/coaching on how to achieve our dreams, not us walking thru the dark so to speak.

  29. Affording Travel all over the world.

  30. deekat said: Reply

    This really opened me up! I had posted two dreams thinking these would be my focus and all I could handle. Your comments about working on many dreams simultaneously, each dream supporting and dovetailing with the others, was helpful. Rather than stressing out about the number of dreams I have, the idea is to make my dreams come true in all aspects of my life. These dreams are all there anyway so I might as well come clean! Thank you!

  31. BobB7 said: Reply

    It’s very liberating to post ones dreams ‘out there’ – but also a little scary!

  32. quaifen said: Reply

    Hi, Marcia, I was (and am!) a member of the Million Dreams Campaign. Finally watched session #10! Got derailed for a bit but found I had accomplished many of my WOW’s anyway! Am back and wanted to THANK YOU! for this ministry. You are helping all of us become “good and faithful servants”. Way to go! Once again, thanks!

  33. quaifen said: Reply

    PS I wanted to also thank you for keeping the videos and manual up there for those of us who “needed a little more time” as you promised you would. I know I will come back to tem for deeper insight and encouragement many times…

  34. Hi Marcia – I loved your quote, “One dream plants a seed and many dreams plant a garden.” Wow. I am inspired now to build my dream list – short term and long term – in order to grow my garden in tandem with the other dream gardens you’re inspiring!! Thank you!

  35. MilaP said: Reply

    Marcia, thank you for a simple and great reminder to a new way to look at THE dream(s) pathway! It inspires;-)

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