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You Are Not Alone

by Million Dreams in Campaign Updates

You are never alone in your Dream quest. Are you surrounded by amazing people?


Watch this important video now.


Share with us a time in your life that you had someone cheering you on, even if you didn’t believe it yourself. What did they say or do that truly impacted you and kept you moving forward?

Please share it on the blog below. I really appreciate reading your responses.

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46 responses to You Are Not Alone

  1. patrick said: Reply

    Hey everyone, please post an inspiring message here!

    • estrella said: Reply

      May the dreams of your past be the reality of your future. :D

    • Namaste everyone. Im author of Dreams Beyond The Paradigms and i love to enlighten others. I want to be known international and national as a well known author and motivational speaker. Visit me on facebook Lavar the enlightened one. Hope everyone is having a happy day of love.

  2. Carol said: Reply

    new home

  3. To pastor my church

  4. my dream

  5. Sharon said: Reply

    To share “Positive Music” all over the world!

  6. Generate 10million dollars per year in revenue

  7. To have condo styled homes in both New York City and Los Angeles. Travel to exotic places all around the globe. Be madly in love with a man who adores me so much that we marry, give birth to twins and live happily ever after.

  8. To earn 750k and more, easily, each year by helping people.

  9. Sheila said: Reply

    To help and inspire 100,000 people this year

  10. Cathy said: Reply

    I am supported in my dream by the owner of a spa who has employed me to do energy work on her clients. She says ” if you want true beauty you must work from the inside out- and energy work is the best way to do that”

  11. To surround myself with the right people…build my dream team

  12. To be healthy and have Love

  13. To raise the funds to purchase a smallholding for an Animal Sanctuary

  14. To continue adding clients who are fun to work with and cause a positive impact in helping them grow their businesses to realize their dreams and make a positive impact on their community.

  15. You are so lovely and engaging, I wanna be you as I grow up.
    I would love to have a corner of supporters. We could encourage
    each other.
    Even when I meet my husband, we will balance the relationships,
    the time and the love.

    Thanks for listening.

  16. Dream Partners are essential to your vision. Thanks Marcia! Check out: as well.

  17. Kayse said: Reply

    When I went through a traumatic tome I. My marriage, my brother and sister encouraged me to let my voice out and make myself a priority on the lust on everyone else Iade a priority beytfore me.

  18. My godmother/aunt has always been there for me. She sends me cards that encourage me and when she feels I need it, she has – SEVERAL TIMES – sent money to support my dreams. I love her and I’m forever in her debt. Marsha is so right – people are out there who will take advantage of you – but you can choose to spend your time and energy with loving, supportive people – it’s hard to tell the difference – but don’t give up, it’s worth the struggle.

  19. To become financially free by helping businesses add to there bottom line while doing it in an eco friendly manner!

  20. Jeannine said: Reply

    To find a job where I work with people who are engaged in making the world around them better, either by supporting those they work for and with and/or creating ideas that improve on the quality of the world around them, as well as to have the funds to live in beauty and to share that with my friends and family. I also desire to have a dream team for myself.

  21. I speak on stages all over the world helping others gain confidence in themselves and understand where and how we give our power away, in order to help them embrace their true and full selves. I host retreats around the world that help people liberate themselves from their fears and step forward confidently in the direction of their dreams. I teach with some of the most influential people in the leadership and personal growth industries, and develop leaders who live to impart confidence and belief in others, by being the change they seek in the world. .

  22. Cindy R said: Reply

    Create Prajna Life products & services on a global scale.

  23. Marcia, I am so blessed to have a wonderful dream team, including you! I recently missed an event that I would normally have attended. I was a little surprised to hear from so many generous women that they noticed I was missing and they missed me and my energy. It was an eye opener and I was really moved. Sometimes we don’t realize how many people we have supporting us. I too, have people reflecting back to me how much I have grown and a lot of that growth is due to you and your amazing workshops that I have attended. Thank you! Love you! Victoria Buckmann

  24. to have people read my ebook and benefit from it

  25. self made millionare

  26. My dream is to inspire others to see their greatness, and to help them create a happier, healthier, and more prosperous future!

  27. To feel supported by the universe to bring my dreams to fruition

  28. write a screenplay made for a movie

  29. I dream of sharing my world class art worldwise

  30. Well, this video helped me realizing that I didn’t have friends or collegues even afamilly member who did that for me. I use to be the one who encourage and cheer and bless. I find it natural . Now I see that because i never ask for help, I couldn’t get any.I think that what I forgot t, the best dream ever will be for a start, to have a dream team made of very good and kind friends.

  31. My New Reality

  32. Become an EEM practitioner and dog breeder

  33. Having good supportive friends, a tribe, a team … that’s always been just about the hardest thing for me. There have been flickers, and bits, and friendships. But somehow it hasn’t been the natural thing for me. So … increasing the supportive closenesses – something I’m working on.

  34. Marcin said: Reply


  35. publish a successful ebook

  36. estrella said: Reply

    My dream team would be fun lovers, inspiring, a joy to work with, and always eager to help. I would love to be on a dream team that loves inspiring messages and uplifting. I enjoy giving that. If you need help and believe I can do it I’ll be here for you. I may need a little coaching about what its is you would like for me to do as a team member. But I’m ready.

  37. To get my business really going

  38. to open a sewing lounge where women and teenage girls can come together to learn and share their talent with each other

  39. To become a member of the millionaires club in my Forever Living Product business and use the funds,fame and associated social network to help rural communities in Africa

  40. Marcia, when I was younger I worked with several young veterinarians who where creating their dream…the first feline only practice and I was very inspired by them. They taught me that if you believed and had a Passion for what your dream was that it could happen. I started my first business when I was 21! They inspired me and helped me do so. Now at 41, I am after my NEW DREAM team to help me really create the life of my dreams! I know it can me done and I know it will happen if I believe it will. Thanks for having this website it is a wonderful tool and you are an awesome woman…Thank you for being you!!

  41. Hi Marcia, when I was going through a bad time at work and feeling undervalued and unwanted, one colleague expressed explicitly to me the fact that I was well thought of. Sometimes we need this external validation when we don’t give it to ourselves – and sometimes it is easier to be constructive towards others than to ourselves. I hope that I can build a dream team with people who have qualities such as the person I have just mentioned.

  42. blove said: Reply

    Make my wife super happy

  43. I intend to be a great Thought and Affect Leader (my own title)

    I want to put ideas into your head, teach you the value of THOUGHT, and create a desire to dream again or maybe for the first time. Encourage change, (not to make changes that sounds like theres something Wrong with you), and depend on yourself to create ideas, movements, and shifts that AFFECT your body, mind, and soul positively.

    This starts by being honest with the core of who you are. I got honest when I acknowledged this burning desire to be a Public Speaker. I started my dream the moment I ordered the Virtual Inspiring Speaker Workshop.

    Just finished the workshop and my thoughts and ideas are over the moon!

    I struggled with the words of how someday I will lead others to find their true honest spot, that answer came in a meditation.

    ” You are not a carrier of decency when you are being unfaithful to yourself. ” ~ Pam McCall

    Give it some thought. Let me know how it affects you.

  44. ktrojas said: Reply

    Become a coach, a speaker and a teacher

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